Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mother in the world......
Special wish to my beloved mum....
Thanks for everything.....I'm not afford to pay your sacrifice but i promise to make you happy and happy............
This year is the 3rd year i celebrate mother's day but this year celebration i just celebrate wif my hubby and my son. Normally, i'll celebrate mother's day wif my mum and my family.... but never mind....sume tu tak kisah asalkan i dapat wish kat dorg sume.... I hope i can improve myself to be a good mother to my adorable son, Faiz. Sometime I felt guilty to my son coz i'm bz wif work and study and i lack
of attention to him. but i hope Faiz not blame me coz whatever i do now is for our family.

Hubby and Faiz do some surprise where they bought a present for me...thank you my heroes.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ajal Maut Ketentuan Illahi....

It seem a month, i didn't write anything here. I'm very2 bz lately and I hope I'll go for holiday after my final xm....
Actually, i'm still surprise wif the sms that i receive from my friend last Sunday. She told me one of my classmate in SHAH (Ahmad Zulkamal) pass away. He got heart attack while playing badminton. He is my classmate since form 1 until form 5. He is very kind and never fight wif girls. But that it always happen. Orang yang baik tu mmg Allah lebih sayangkannyer.... Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.Amin..
I still not believe it coz we just met a few month ago. But what to say.....Ajal Maut tu mmg ketentuan Tuhan...Kita dipinjamkan ke dunia dan akhirnya kite akan kembali kepadaNya. Rase insaf sangat....Mmg betulkan...kite x tahu bile pula mase untuk kite. Hopefully, I akan dpt menambahkan amal dlm hidup sebagai persiapan ke alam kekal.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life as a Student....

I just started my Master class on last 3rd January. So my responsible become more and more. I need to prepare for my family need, my class to teach preparation and also for my assignment. But I believe that i can face all of it coz I want for it.
I met many new friends there and from different job field. It was nice coz we can share our idea each other. My class memeber not only local student coz it still have international student which all of them are from middle-east. I dunno why Middle-east people like to study here. maybe because our culture or our religion can make them comfort here.
I just want to ensure that I can score and gain as much as knowleedge from my Master class. All the lecturer are very kind and also friendly. It not like my first degree class. Which is we need to behave like an under age student. But now, the lecturer treat us as an adult. For my Master class the most senior member is aroud 40++. I'm so impress with him coz he got a spirit to continue his study. So why we are still young not go for it.
I already have 2 assignment to complete and need to present for next week. Hope my group can do the best.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Event

About 2 week i didn't write in this blog. Sorry...I'm very bz in this two week wif a lot of thing to settle. Last 2 week, my sister get married. She married wif the same date of my mum's b'day.... Very tired help my mum clean d house after that. N first time in our life, we are not in mood to celebrate Aidil Adha coz still very tired. Last week, i already register for my Master Class... I'm a student back. After almost 5 years i finish my degree, i need to study back. Of course d situation is totally different. (dulu single now dh ade family). Need to clean my new house coz early next year my husband n i will move to our own house. Currently i stay wif my in laws n just want to independent. Maybe tonight i'll going back to JB to setlle our house there. Want to do minor renovation n want to give for rent. So who want to rent the house u can call me..hihihi.....
Hope God will bless everything i do........

Continue doing my job.....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Here some of the photos during my sis wedding ---(@

Friday, December 12, 2008

Unlucky Day

12.50 noon, a group of indian boys enter to my college's office. They said that they came to have some donation for an orphan. But i refused to give any because the way they came was very rude. Actually they are not allowed to enter the office but i dunno where the security on that time... After two minutes, security came and chase them out. After that, when anybody was busy doing the work suddenly, i heard the security voice because he saw that boys going up to lab using the stair case. All of them were run and when the security going up to check, it was very surprise coz two laptops and two LCD monitor have been stolen. What the hell............. Very bad person. Just pretend behind the action to have a donation but they have another plan. Pity to En Shidi and En Rahizam coz lost their laptop. And it was very unforgetable day for me........

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


"We usually lose today, because there has been a yesterday, and tomorrow is coming."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So bored in office.

Bz finishing all work coz i'll leave towmorrow................yehaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'll going back to JB. miss mak so much......
Alang will nikah. At last kawen gak akak aku nan sorang ni.
Mak birthday. Having surprise for mak. Already plan wif my eldest sister.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So bored today...Why i dun have mood to work today?? Maybe only my body here but my soul already in my home in JB. surely everybody were bz right now doing the preparation especially my sister. yeah...her big day only a few days left. i keep thinking of my family especially my niece and nephew coz everyday my son will ask me to call my mum coz he want talk to his abang ameer and anis. maybe he feel so miss to them.i only can going back on Friday, on the day that my sister will akad nikah. hopefully i can reach early to JB..... Here the picture Faiz wif abang ameer n anis.